Welcome to iARi!

iARi Four Focal Point

Incubation: We will not reinvent wheels. We will search for new ideas from old ones and be creative.
Distillation: In the search for new ideas from the old ones, we will still look for the best ones.
Facilitation: We will facilitate best partnerships so that we can create new and unique ideas.
Innovation: Besides new and unique ideas, we will put new and unique results and products on the table.

iARi Leadership

iARi's strategic objective is to contribute to the reclamation, reawakening, regenerating and the reawakening of the continent and to the human experience. Led by its Founder, Prof. M.W. Serote in partnership with other Board Members, iARi aims to find African Solutions to African Problems.

Our Partners

We pride ourselves in partnering with "like-minded" Organisations who share in our vision for a common goal, albeit through different missions.