Prof Stephen James Heinrich Hendricks

Professor Stephen James Heinrich Hendricks graduated as one of the first black Dentists in South Africa. After Dental practice for 8 years he studied public health at University of London and completed an MSc degree in 1986 in Public Health. He subsequently was awarded a Harvard/South Africa Scholarship in 1989 to complete a MPH degree at the Harvard University School of Public Health USA. In addition he was awarded a Kellogg Doctoral Fellowship to complete a Doctorate in Medical Sciences degree at Harvard University Medical and School of Dental Medicine in 1996.

He returned to South Africa and joined the National Department of Health in 1997 as Director HR & later as Chief Director Human Resources & Labour Relations. He was concurrently appointed Professor of Public Health at MEDUNSA School of Public Health & taught MPH students. He was promoted to Deputy Director-General for District Health Systems in KwaZulu Natal for 3 years in 2002-04, after which he returned to National government to work as Deputy Director-General for Business Relations Management at the South Africa Management Development Institute. Currently he is the Program Director for Albertina Sisulu Executive Leadership Program on Health at University of Pretoria, does consulting work for Ukusebenza Development Consultants in the Health Sector in Health Services Research, Quality Assurance, Human Resource Development & Management, Knowledge Management, Monitoring & Evaluation & Strategic Planning. He also teaches Masters and PhD degree students at the University of Pretoria's School of Health Systems & Public Health.