Current Projects

The OR Tambo Liberation Route

The purpose of the OR Tambo Liberation Route is to reclaim the humanity of the Freedom Fighters by sharing their experiences and walking the paths they have walked and say it was not in vain, we are here to continue the struggle for Freedom and Peace. Tell Me More


African Primary Institute: The core project of iARi is the African Primary Institution (API), so called extended family, which is an Indigenous Knowledge (IK) institution. The objective of this research into the API is to identify the different forms in which it still exist, to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in these different forms and to restore its base. This is in line with the Setswana saying "Maropeng go a boeloa", which means people should always return to their source for orientation. Tell Me More

Medicinal Plant Gardens

It is very important to link Health to both the issues of rebirth; reclamation; reawakening; regeneration and redevelopment of the African people.