The Way We Heal (Theatre Play)

"The Way We Heal" is a play about a process of self realization which can be painful as it demands change, acceptance and growth from within. African spiritualism has always had a negative impact. Throughout history the diviners have always been portrayed as being head-shrinkers and negative beings that are primitive.

These negative interpretations in the media and books, only offer a one sided rendition of the African medicine, which is an inaccurate portrayal of wise and gifted healers. Instead of accepting and embracing this ancient culture of spiritualism, urban people choose to accept these uninformed interpretations of the truth thus limiting spiritual growth. The very same westernized figures ignore the fact that these are actually the new age root healers and they have a unique ability to interpret universal information. Soul guidance is directly related to the roots of Africa.

Prof Mongane Wally Serote is a cultural activist who served in Arts and Culture in Lusaka and after South Africa's liberation he became Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee of Arts and Culture of the Parliament of South Africa and he also served as CEO of Freedom Park. He is also respected for his academic achievements as he has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and was awarded Honorary Doctorates in Literature by the Universities of Kwazulu-Natal and Transkei.

His writing works are known all over the world with eleven poetry books, four highly celebrated novels and three essay collections. His involvement in Politics as a cultural activist resulted in him being given leadership responsibilities from the African National Congress and the South African government where he held positions such as founding member of the Indigenous Knowledge System of South Africa.

He was responsible for leading culture and resistance in countries such as Botswana, London, and Amsterdam. He has also received many awards such as Jonker Award for Poetry, English Academy Medal, Umkhonto weSizwe Award, Order of Ikhamanga amongst others. He is currently the CEO of iARi.

Bogosi Kenny Bolokwe is a multi- talented all-round Artist who is gifted in both artistic and technical aspects of the craft. He has work extensively with worldwide big name international acts as a senior lighting technician including Luther Vandross, Boys 2 Men, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Bon Jovi, Crosby Stills and Nash, Skunk Anasie, Tracy Chapman, Randy Crawford, Maxi Priest, Kool and the Gang to name just a few as well as writing and directing ground breaking productions including "Umshado", "Inyanga", "Bitch Of Life" and "Where To Go". He has also worked with giants of South African Productions Sarafina on Broadway, Umoja and Ipi Ntombi.

Technical information

Written By: Prof Mongane Wally Serote

Designed and Directed By: Bogosi Kenny Bolokwe

Performed By: Lennox Sibisi, Freedom Mswane, Matshidiso Mokoka, Mosoeu Ketlele, Thuli Radebe